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Welcome to Indian Association of Retired Persons
The last few decades have seen fast and far reaching socioeconomic changes in our society. Two distinct &, developments have emerged from these changes: gradual nuclearisation of families and the migration of the younger generation in search of rapid career growth both inside and outside the country bringing a boon to the concept of old age homes. The immediate fallout of all these has been the marginalization of the old and the aged. Inevitably, their capacity of helping themselves is dwindling steadily and alarmingly. Added to this, is the systematic erosion in their meager savings after retirement, thanks to the government measures. Simultaneously, their very survival is being threatened. Above all comes the psychological trend in society with its apathetic attitude   "The old and the retired are liabilities and their days of, usefulness are over." The state, on the other hand, is just indifferent in taking care of the graying population and its response to their basic needs has been woefully negligible even in areas like medical care and overall security. In brief, there is hardly an area where they can take pride of being old and aged. What a sad reflection of their long and rich experience!!

Out of slicer sense of fellow feeling, a handful of "Retired but not tired" people formed the Indian Association of Retired Persons on 20th December 1997, as a nonprofit making self financed organization. I he IARP, since then, has come a long way and now it boasts of a membership of about 4000 (Four thousand) scattered across the whole country. It aims at helping the old the aged, within its small capacity, in various spheres including health care, legal matters, cultural and social stimulation and above all, providing moral support to alleviate isolation, loneliness , at least to some extent.
Work done so far

Providing medical assistance at concessional rates from: eminent Doctors, pathological labs.